From the time we were young our parents either told us, or non-verbally got their point across (if you know what I mean), that ‘Whatever happens in this house, stays in this house.’

But, what’s openly happening in America for the entire world to see now … the racism, petty in-fighting by the president with athletes voicing their opinions, strippers coming out of the rafters claiming they’ve slept with him, cowardly congressmen who don’t confront him for fear of being voted out of office by the very people he tricked into voting for him, folks on his own staff trying to keep him from starting a war, AND his attempt to wipe out anything done by the previous president (who just happened to be African American) … is beyond embarrassing.

And, worse, its feeding right into a playbook so many other countries just love: Watching America eat itself alive.

Too bad our president cares more about himself than he does about the picture he’s painting of America for the world to see.

But what’s happening now isn’t all completely new.

I mean, there’s always been … and will always be … racism.
After all, our country was built on it, and I’ve said forever that it should be taught in schools so kids growing up here know its origin, why it’s been able to survive so long and how to deal with it.

I mean, people of color are the single reason for those first 10 amendments to the constitution (i.e. the Bill of Rights, that assures equality for citizens), which had to be fixed when slaves were legally freed.

Now, every president has had their detractors, but realized they somehow had to try and unify the entire country.

But never have we had THIS …  a president many in his own employ think is so mentally unfit that they’re secretly hiding things and keeping information away from him they think could hurt this nation.

Man! This is NO way to run a country!

I’m sure my father and mother never thought they’d see something like the attack on Pearl Harbor in their lifetime, just like none in my generation probably never in their wildest dreams thought they’d see 9-11.

But what we’re witnessing now is a full-out division of the races either wittingly or stupidly being fueled by the President of the United States, and is rising to very dangerous levels.

He blows dog whistle commands to constituents by using phrases like “if I’m impeached there will be violence,” and plants fear in others by saying “if I’m removed from office the stock market will crash.”

But I think he is missing a critical point. He is not a King nor dictator (something he openly admires in Putin, Bashar al-Assad and Kim Jong-un, who played the president like a video game in Singapore).

America, with all its faults and racist divides, WILL survive without the president … which some of us only hope isn’t too long from now.

Blacks, whites and the multitude of races which now dot the American family-scape, WILL go on surviving right alongside each other.

There will be tense moments, and some people … sadly … might even die at the hands of misguided souls like Charleston bible study shooter Dylan Roof, who thought he could provoke a race war.

But for every act of evil, there will be many more of love … across many races.

And no ONE person will ever be able to kill THAT America…